Organic Pork

Individual Cuts

CutPack SizePrice/kgOrder Qty
Leg Roast (bone-in) – Small1-2 kg (1 piece)$28.00
Leg Roast (bone-in) – Large2-3 kg (1 piece)$28.00
French Cutlets300-400gm$38.00
Pork Loin Rack700-800gm$38.00
Pork Loin Chops300-400gm$33.00
Scotch Steak300-400gm$33.50
Rolled Pork Shoulder – Small1-2 kg (1 piece)$29.00
Rolled Pork Shoulder - Large2-3 kg (1 piece)$29.00
Diced Pork400-500gm$30.00
Pork Mince400-500gm$26.00
Pork Belly1 kg piece$28.00
Bacon Packets150-170gm$46.00

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