Your Questions Answered

What is organic beef, lamb, pork & poultry?

These organic meats come from a certified organic farm. Organic certification is granted by Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry-approved certifying organisations, such as NASAA, ACO and Demeter. Before granting certification, the certifying bodies consider many aspects of farming practices, including animal wellbeing and environmental health as well as the type of animal feed used and the absence of chemical fertilisers, pesticides, antibiotics and growth hormones.  One of the main goals of organic farming is that animals should be free to practice their natural instincts such as being outside, roaming freely and grazing on pasture. For animals such as beef and lamb, 95% of their feed must be derived from grass feeding.

What is wrong with non-organic meat products?

The animals that non-organic meat is obtained from are regularly exposed to chemicals such as pesticides and fertilisers in the grass, preservatives and additives in their feed, and they are commonly fed hormones to speed up the growth of the animal.  The use of antibiotics, not only for the treatment of infection in animals, but also because it gives them 5-10% extra growth, is also a concern.  The consumption of meat containing antibiotics is believed to cause bacteria to become resistant to antibiotics.  Our last-ditch antibiotic used for treating serious infections in humans is also used to promote growth in animals.  Most of the meat products commonly found in supermarkets and butchers are non-organic.

Why buy organic?

See our Organic Benefits page.  Basically, choosing organic instead of conventional produce, is good for your health (reduces your intake of artificial additives and is more nutritional), good for animal welfare, the environment and soil balance, and of course it simply tastes so good.  When you buy organic produce through us, you are also directly supporting local, family owned and run farms and ensuring they get a fair price for their product.

Do you supply organic food other than meat?

Not yet, but we are working on adding a range of organic products in the near future.

Is Organic Direct good value?

Organic products are usually only available in a limited range of cuts at a premium price. Organic Direct has been able to significantly reduce the prices, whilst providing an extensive range of product by sourcing the product directly … while saving you the trip to the supermarket!  And because we offer bulk beef and lamb packs, you get even better value for money.  If buying large quantities doesn’t suit you, consider sharing a pack with friends or family.

Is the quality guaranteed?

Organic Direct works closely with its farmers and butchers to ensure consistently high quality product. All of our “organic” products are 100% organically certified, so you can be assured that you are getting what you pay for.

How does delivery work?

Organic Direct orders are delivered on a monthly cycle and at a mutually agreed time on our scheduled delivery weekend. Deliveries are made by a refrigerated vehicle. As we are a bulk order delivery service, the minimum order is $200. Home delivery is FREE, however additional charges may apply for deliveries outside the Melbourne metropolitan area. See our homepage for the next “Scheduled Delivery Period”

How long from time of order until delivery?

Products ordered before the order cut-off date for that month will be delivered on the next scheduled delivery date, which takes place two weeks later. These dates are found on our homepage. Please contact us if you would like to be included on our mailing list.

How do I place an order?

Placing an order through Organic Direct can be done by our online shopping cart system, or by calling us directly. You will need to select the items you wish to order and add them to your shopping cart.  Once you have finished filling your cart, proceed to checkout where you will be asked to fill in your name, address and contact details.   From there you will proceed to billing where you select a payment method for a $150 deposit.  You can select to pay by PayPal or bank deposit.  Once your deposit is received, your order will be confirmed by email.


Payment of the balance can be made via internet banking, PayPal or cash/cheque on delivery.  We determine the final total of your order once we have weighed and packed the meat, which we receive fresh the day before delivery.  We give you an estimated total at the time of ordering so you know approximately how much to expect, but the final total can vary slightly depending on the actual weights of each portion.

Bank Details:

  • Account Name: Organic Direct Australia
  • BSB: 633 000
  • Account Number: 1545 21199