Organic Lamb

Lamb Packs

  • Full lamb pack
  • Half lamb pack

Individual Cuts

CutPack SizePrice/kgOrder Qty
Lamb Cutlets250-350gm (3-4 cutlets)$53.85
Lamb Loin Chops350-450gm (3-4 chops)$32.80
Chump Chops400-450gm (2-3 chops)$32.70
BBQ Chops350-450gm (2 chops)$24.00
Half Roast Leg of Lamb*900-1400gm (1 piece)$23.00
Lamb Shank300-400gm (1 piece)$18.00
Diced Lamb450-500gm$33.20
Lamb Mince400-450gm$24.60
Lamb Sausages (Traditional) Gluten Free400-450gm$21.00
Lamb Sausages (Honey & Rosemary) Gluten Free400-450gm$21.40
Lamb Bones1 kg bags$7

* Whole leg roasts are available by specific request.

Don’t forget the Cryovac Packaging means you can store your meat fresh in the fridge for up to 2 weeks. You are NOT committed to purchase until you confirm your order via the shopping cart.