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Bulk packs are a great way to save money.  The bigger the pack, the more you save. Consider ordering a larger pack and splitting it between friends or family.

Our Cryovac Packaging also means you can store your meat fresh in the fridge for longer.

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Individual Orders

To ‘Build Your Own’ pack according to your own requirements, simply select how many packs of each cut that you would like to order. The individual pack sizes vary a little, however the pack sizes below are a good indication of how you can expect to receive your order.

CutPack SizePrice/kgOrder Qty
Eye Fillet250-300gm (2 steaks)$77.00
Porterhouse400-450gm (2 steaks)$47.60
Scotch Fillet400-450gm (2 steaks)$56.80
Rump Steak475-525gm (1 steak)$37.20
Blade Steak350-400gm (1-2 steaks)$26.60
Oyster Steakettes300-350gm (2-3 steaks)$25.20
Diced Beef450-550gm$26.2
Round Steak400-500gm (1-2 steaks)$32.40
Topside Roast800-1200gm (1 piece)$25.90
Rolled Roast800-1200gm (1 piece)$25.40
Silverside Roast (uncorned)800-1200gm (1 piece)$25.40
Chuck Steak450-550gm (1-2 steaks)$22.10
Gravy Beef450-550gm (1-2 pieces)$22.35
Osso Bucco750-900gm (1-2 pieces)$22.85
Premium Mince450-550gm$20.80
Premium Beef Sausages (Plain) Gluten Free550-600gm (5-6 sausages)$20.90
Beef Sausages (Garlic, Parsley & Herb) Gluten Free550-600gm (5-6 sausages)$21.80
Beef Sausages (Tomato, Onion & Basil) Gluten Free550-600gm (5-6 sausages)$21.80
Paleo Beef Sausages (Salt & Pepper) Gluten Free *min 5kg550-600gm (5-6 sausages)$24.20
Beef Bones1 kg bags$7.50
Organic Pet Mince450-550gm$9.90

* All our sausages are handmade using natural skins and are preservative-free and gluten-free (rice flour based)